Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1: No Normal

Honestly, I thought I was reading a Captain Marvel comic book. As the graphic novel was referencing her in the beginning I still thought it might be. Though it wasn't. 8| and I was pleasantly surprised that this had a great storyline and I now want to read more. Also, it references a Ms. Marvel that was actually Captain Marvel.... at some point in the past. So much to catch up on. My entire history of Captain Marvel is:

1) The new Captain Marvel Movie
2) The Super-Informative history from Alamo Drafthouse prior to seeing the Shazam movie (who apparently used to be Captain Marvel... like a long time ago.)

But.... this isn't even about Captain Marvel! It's about Ms. Marvel (not that one!) and it's great. Going to have to get another one and see what happens next.


So. Let me be completely honest. I started this book, and thought it was boring and then stopped reading it. Then I was a little irritated that it posted it to my goodreads feed as a book I was currently reading.

then some time passed....

One Sunday morning I picked it up again and read it. I probably wouldn't have done this except for the fact that I enjoyed the TV series for flash and was curious at how things played out in the comic. I really feel that this one is best enjoyed for those who know who all these characters are.

However, I finished it and did actually enjoy it. I do some some of the characters and the twists they had in this alternate reality was definitely interesting. Overall it ended up being a pretty fun read.

Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential

Very straight-forward and well thought out book. If you're currently running a business I'd encourage you to apply his thinking against your business and see where it makes sense to change. We didn't agree with all of his recommendations, but there is a ton of value in those that we did.