That's Just Wrong!

30' - 1h
2 - 8
  • (Self-Published)
  • Speke Wilson
  • Crowdfunding: Kickstarter
  • Misc: LongPack Games
  • Educational
  • Party Game

You’ll examine real legal cases about careless, irresponsible acts that resulted in injury and damage to property.

One player is appointed “Chief Judge” and (Step 1) draws one of the 120 Case Cards included with the game (they are intended to be played through sequentially). The Chief Judge reads aloud the basic information on the case, then directs an open discussion (Step 2). Then, at the bottom of each Case Card are one or more “Consider Questions which the Chief Judge then reads aloud (Step 3), kicking off a second discussion in light of the new topics raised (Step 4).

Eventually, each judge arrives at his or her own decision about the case (Step 5), stating it, and these are then recorded, as the Chief Judge flips the Case Card over and reads aloud the court’s actual decision and reasons (Step 6).

Judges who got it right then level up from Court Level 1 to Court Level 2 (levels are points), the Case Card is discarded, the next player clockwise from the Chief Judge takes over as the new chief, and the game continues through six cases. The judge who has reached the highest Court Level wins! As the game includes 120 legal cases, there are 20 full plays in the box, and the cases get more interesting and complicated as you go. The real-life cases were chosen because they were crazy memorable, legally important, or about everyday life.