Fairy, Unicorn, Mermaid, Princess, Kitten

15' - 30'
2 - 6
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  • Ben Hoban
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  • Traditional Card Games: Go Fish
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Fairy, Unicorn, Mermaid, Princess, Kitten (F.U.M.P.K) is a game in the style of the family classic “go Fish”.

F.U.M.P.K combines a crowd-pleasing theme with A colourful design featuring art from renowned Kawaii artist “birduyen”.

This card game for 2 - 6 people is easy to teach, fun to play and delivers a satisfying twist to the classic set collection format.

Play time is around 15 minutes and is accessible for players aged 6 and up.

Each player plays their turn in order which is made up of the Action Phase and the Build Phase.

In the Action Phase, players will try to increase the amount of cards in their hand. To do this they have a number of options: name a card that they want and ask a player to hand it over, if that player has it in their hand they must give it up. They may draw a card, either from the Draw deck or the top card of the face up Trade pile, or they may choose to discard a princess in their hand onto the Trade pile and draw cards equal to the vale of the princess they discarded.

In a Players Build Phase, they will try to play a set, featuring a princess card, and enough follower cards to match the symbols on the princess card. They may only play one set per turn, it they do, they are rewarded with a card from the Draw deck. Each princess card has a value from 2 - 4, the first player to play 12 points worth of princess sets wins the game.

-description from designer