30' - 1h
4 - 10
  • (Self-Published)
  • Dice Rolling
  • Role Playing
  • Crowdfunding: Kickstarter
  • Party Game

It’s time to get drunk! Drinkill is a drinking board game that will make each game become a night you’ll surely remember, and a day you’d rather forget.

How do you win? The only objective is to make it to the end. The first player that arrives to the “Vomit Here” space at the end of the board is the winner.

How do you lose? If you’re not the first player that arrives in the last space. You can also lose if you refuse to do a challenge but also refuse to take a shot. You can always surrender and admit defeat.

The Drinkill game consists of 10 different characters. Each character has a special ability that can be used only once in every game. Before the game starts, each player chooses a character and draws 3 item cards from the deck. All players roll a pair of dice – the player with the higher number goes first and the other turns go clockwise.

On each turn, the player rolls a pair of dice and advances the number of spaces the dice say – when landing on a space – the player must do what the space indicates.

If it’s your turn, you can activate any card in your hand. If it’s not your turn, you can activate any card that is marked with a star.

What type of cards can you draw in this game?

Item cards: Items can be used to give the user an advantage in the game. Attack your opponents or delay them, defend yourself from other opponents and many other functions to make you win the race.

Challenge cards: Challenges are the core of the Drinkill game. When a player lands on challenge space he has to draw a card from the deck and decide whether to complete the challenge or to take a shot.

STD cards: STD cards are challenge cards that the player can hold in his hand like item cards and use them against other opponents.

Each player can hold up to 5 item cards at any given time and any amount of STD cards. Challenge cards are immediately discarded. Item and STD cards are discarded after use.

The Drinkill board spaces and what you have to do when you land on each of them:

1. Burning shot – Take a shot.

2. Totem – Draw an item card from the deck.

3. Challenge – Draw a challenge card from the deck. You can decide to do the challenge or take a shot instead.

4. STD – Draw an STD card from the deck.

5. Pub – Choose another player to take a shot with, take a picture and upload it.

6. Hospital – You’re stuck there and lose your next turn.

7. Arrow space – Go forward/backward depending on the number on the arrow space.

8. Golden coin – If you have the “Capitalist Pig” item card and you land on this space you can choose as many opponents as you want and discard all of their item cards.

Invite your friends, race them to the end and do a lot of stupid challenges while you’re getting drunk. Use cards combos and collaborate with other players to delay the leading opponent.

Do you think you’re hardcore? Do you want to make your friends wash the dishes? Do you want to make someone drink all the leftovers of the party? Do you want to kiss a beautiful girl but you’re the ugliest dude around? Now you can.