Legendary Showdown: Gamer's Quest

30' - 1h
2 - 7
  • Killer Robot Games
  • Blake Hansen
  • Tim Buckley
  • Hand Management
  • Take That
  • Player Elimination
  • Crowdfunding: Kickstarter
  • Card Game
  • Comic Book / Strip
  • Fighting
  • Humor

Ctrl+Alt+Del has quite a history. It was a pioneer in web comics with 14 years of regular updates. It was an animated series. It has spawned a generation of memes that will forever grace the internet. And now... It's a tabletop game. Oh snap!

Working together with Tim Buckley, Killer Robot Games is proud to present Legendary Showdown: Gamer's Quest.

You don't need to be familiar with Ctrl+Alt+Del to enjoy Legendary Showdown.

In Legendary Showdown: Gamer's Quest each player uses strategy, sabotage, and one-upmanship to develop a secret battle plan.

In Legendary Showdown, each player controls a line of characters. At the end of the round, the characters at the front of each line fight. Players use cards to rearrange their line and the lines of other players to change which characters will compete. Characters can be strengthened (or sabotaged) with special bonuses, weapons, and secret facedown cards. Action cards can be used to employ numerous strategies and keep your opponents guessing. The round suddenly ends when enough players pass, and the strongest front character wins the round! All of the other front characters are discarded, and the last player standing wins.